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Singer-Songwriter. Guitarist.

Finn Paul is an upcoming singer-songwriter from Scotland who blends  60's & 70s folk-revival inspired  guitar playing with a modern, soulful voice and bold ambient textures.  His debut album Wind and Stone, aided by Skinny's Scottish album of the Year production wizard Angus Lyon, is heavily influenced by the modern obsession with escapism as well as Finn's own fascination with history,  fantasy and its relevance to our lives now. 

New Single: Fortune

Filmed at Gran's House Studio

Critical Reception

'the mixture of confidence and vulnerability in the performance is engaging, drawing the listener in to  Paul's tender, melancholy internal world.' 

- RNR Magazine 

'this is fine music from a significant talent. I think – hope – we will hear a great deal more from Finn Paul.' 


'The debut album of Finn Paul is shaping a distinctive individual music style for this young Scottish singer songwriter... Intimately arranged with elements of folk, acoustic pop as well as jazz and electronic music... Different, refreshing and imminently appealing.'

- Folkworld

'An album that sings gently of secrets and reveals, passionate and watchful.'

- Liverpool Sound & Vision 

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