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'this is fine music from a significant talent. I think – hope – we will hear a great deal more from Finn Paul.' 


Finn Paul is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Perthshire, Scotland who blends 60's & 70s folk-revival inspired guitar playing with a modern, soulful voice and bold ambient textures.


Finn's latest EP, Hinterlands, sees him step into larger sonic playground, exploring themes of disconnection and post-truth.

'The debut album of Finn Paul is shaping a distinctive individual music style for this young Scottish singer songwriter... Intimately arranged with elements of folk, acoustic pop as well as jazz and electronic music... Different, refreshing and imminently appealing.'

- Folkworld

'the mixture of confidence and vulnerability in the performance is engaging, drawing the listener in to  Paul's tender, melancholy internal world.' 

- RNR Magazine 

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